Smile Monday: Wish Come True

wish-come-trueHappy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve all found a wonderful reason to SMILE today! I’ve been busy sketching and illustrating – hopefully next month I’ll be able to show off some new original artwork! I’m hoping to start selling my hand drawn work – what do you think?!

7476301_3952796-duvetqueen_lNow Society6 is selling Duvet Covers! If you want to smile before you curl up for bed click on the image above to purchase your own Smiling Sticks Duvet Cover!

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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Butterflies and Bees Seed Give-Away!

butterflyandbeeHappy Monday everyone! I have been getting lots of response about the garden photos I’ve been posting via Social Networks. I’m thrilled my followers are enjoying the life in my garden as much as I do! Because of this I’ve decided to do a GIVE-AWAY!

I’m going to send 1 winner from each of my Social Networks {and this blog – of course!} 10 Sunflower and 10 Milkweed seeds – enough to start your very own butterfly and bee garden! {P.S. These are seeds I’ve collected from MY OWN garden!!!} All you have to do is comment telling me what your favourite flower or insect is! The social networks included are Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and this blog! Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to hear your favourite flowers and insects!!! {Just click the Social Media links below my signature if you need direction to any of the sites listed.}

Each winner must live within the U.S. Next Monday {July 21st} I will post on each social network the winners. Winners will have one week to email me their address. This give-away is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with any of the social networks I’m posting on.

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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Smile Monday: You’re Beautiful!


Recently the sunflowers in my garden have bloomed and bees have been flocking to pollinate them. I’ve always been a friend to bees – their hard work brings us honey and more flowers! Who couldn’t love them?!? (:

To celebrate the bees that I’ve been admiring, I decided to re-imagine an old illustration of mine. You’re BEEutiful! Don’t forget to thank your local bees by planting bee friendly flowers for them! (:

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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Merging Website and Blog


Hi, friends!

I made a BIG decision this week to merge my website and blog together! For years I’ve worked on and updated my portfolio website. I have to admit, it hasn’t always been a joy… I’m an illustrator, not a web designer. I get constantly frustrated when things don’t look like I want them to. More frustration bubbled up when I realized my blog gets more views than my website! I now know I’ve been spreading myself too thin by maintaining two separate pages. I chose to amp up my blog since it is the site that receives the most traffic. This weekend I worked on polishing up my pages and I’m very proud of the finished product!

With this merge I’ve decided to beef up my blog posts – but first I need YOUR help! Please take the poll below to tell me what you would like to see me blog about! (: Thank you, friends! What do you think of the new blog? I hope you like it!

{It might take a month or two to complete the merge and make this blog the OFFICIAL Smiling Sticks website. I’ll keep you posted!}

Have a beautiful day! ♥

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My Garden

It’s almost Summer! My garden was so happy once Spring came around and now it’s bursting for joy for Summertime! Every day I spend over an hour in my garden watering and tending it. It’s so calming and I love watching God’s handiwork as He helps these beauties grow! I’ve found so many different bugs and critters! Today I wanted to share photographs I’ve taken along my gardening journey (: I hope you enjoy!


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