What I’ve Found Friday: Dribbble

Hi there, friends! It’s the last Friday before Christmas! I’ve decided to switch my What I’ve Found Friday Week 3 from Twitter to Dribbble – I feel it will be more visually appealing (: If you haven’t heard of Dribble, it’s a community of designers that posts “shots” of what they’re currently working on. You’ll see all different stages of the design process on Dribbble, it’s a great place to get some creative inspiration!

Today I’ll be featuring 10 beautiful shots from different designers – as always just click on the image to be redirected it’s Dribbble page. Enjoy!


10 Wonderful Things I’ve Found On Dribbble

Arbor’s Mascot by Jacob Greif


I want to be friends with these acorns! The one on the left is my favourite. Such darling simplicity at it’s best! I don’t know who the Arbors are, but with an acorn mascot they must be cool!

May The 4th Be With You by Jerrod Maruyama


I don’t think Jerrod could have created Obi Wan any better! I love his peaceful look! It can be hard to capture a character’s spirit while adding your own artistic style, but Jerrod succeeded 100%!

Yule Log 2.0 GIF by Colin Hesterly cg_yulelog2.0

I love this little fireplace! I know it’s sad, but I actually like having those lame fireplace DVDs on in Winter. They’re just so peaceful! I’d love to have this beauty playing on Christmas day. (Instead my family will be watching Little Bub’s Yule Log Video! hee hee)

The Creature by Doug Jones


My parents raised me right and showed me all the classic monster movies at an early age. As I was scrolling through Dribbble to look for finds, this little guy caught my eye and I knew exactly who he was! Creature from the Black Lagoon has always been one of my favourites – the fact that Doug put a smile on his face puts a smile on mine!!!

Those Grapes by Dave Mottram


Don’t you just want to grab this little guy and hug him? I love the textures here! His fur looks soft and his face is curious and friendly. I think the most powerful illustrations are the ones you want to hop inside – this one makes me want to be this fox’s friend!

Oh Kevin! by Nick Slater


I love the clouds in this illustration and Kevin’s beautiful gradient beak! Nick charmingly captured a beloved Pixar side-character – I’d love to see him do more!

Disneyland Survival Kit by Rogie King


You may have seen this vintage style design floating around your Pinterest feed lately. I have and I couldn’t help but repin it! Disneyland is very near and dear to my heart (in fact, last night I was watching on YouTube people who had worn a GoPro through the rides – I miss being far away from The Happiest Place On Earth). Rogie captures all the charm and joy of Disney and now I’m craving a Tiki Room Dole Whip Float!!!

Colorado Wildlife Icons by Josh Jevons screen_shot_2013-12-19_at_7.59.59_pm

What I appreciate most about this piece is the use of just two or three colours in each icon. While they could have easily looked like nothing more than flat silhouettes, Josh managed to add those different shades to give them a slight 3D effect. Very well done!

3D Printed Sheriff by Simon Gustavsson


Ok, this is another one of those creations where I just am in love with the character. He looks straight out of Wallace and Gromit! Maybe this is the sheriff that comes to take away the evil chicken penguin?!? I’d like to think so (:

Yukon Cornelius Gear by Ryan Putnam

And last, but certainly not least, the breakdown of Cornelius’ gear! I can hear Burl Ives singing “Silver and Gold” as I type… this is a brilliant tribute to a cherished Christmas character!


What did you think of my Dribbble finds? Do you have a Dribble account? If so Click Here to follow me! I am relatively new to the community, so I don’t have many shots, but I am going to be working on building up my profile in the upcoming year (: Share some of your favourite shots in the comments!

Have a beautiful day! ♥
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